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About Penny

Someone once said there’s a little bit of ‘Penny’ in every one of the crystals she hand selects for her Crystals by Penny Collection, sold exclusively in her Etsy shop. That’s because crystal healer and expert Penny King hand selects each and every unique, high-quality stone and will not buy anything that she energetically does not resonate with.

Penny is a Crystal, Sound and Energy Healer based in Hertfordshire, is also the founder of Penny King Academy, where she trains others to become healing practitioners and teachers, as well as founding with two other tutors and recently hosted two radio shows on Serenity Radio

Penny says she always had an interest in crystals and holistic therapies, but after being diagnosed with ME in 2003, while working for the NHS and studying Radiotherapy, her life was thrown into turmoil and she slowly found herself drawn towards practices that could help her heal her own body, mind and soul.


Meditation ignited her journey, which then led her to Crystal Healing and eventually to sound – all of which have had a profound impact on her life and ultimately led to her decision to take up practitioner training.


There are many reasons why Penny resonates so deeply with crystals. “I love how each crystal has a different energetic signature and that they can be carried with you to be used anywhere and anytime,” she says, “It’s the look and feel, wondering what levels you are going to be taken to with each individual stone. It’s the fact that, when brought together, they form a crystal matrix which in turn combines with your energy on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.”


Crystal Healing is a non-invasive, vibrational ancient healing system which looks at treating the person as a whole on a physical, emotional and spiritual level rather than focusing on one symptom.


“We need more education about crystals,” Penny says, “We now teach mindfulness and meditation to children in schools, but why not teach them about the energy of crystals and what they can do? Crystals are all around us… part of our makeup so to speak. They can be found in electronic devices, like phones and gaming consoles. I wish we could get more children to hold and feel the energy of the crystals and understand how they fit into our lives.”


Browsing through the Crystals by Penny Collection in the Etsy Store is a real treat for crystal-lovers. The collection includes raw and polished crystals, jewelery, tumble and palm stones, hand carved crystals, spheres and more. The crystal skull collection is especially impressive including large and small skulls ranging from £31 to over £800 in materials like rose quartz, green fluorite, purple fluorite and even bismuth.


“I’ve built relationships with trusted suppliers whom I’ve met at Crystal shows in various countries and whom deal directly with the miners,” explains Penny of her collection, “They handpick everything they buy and then I handpick from them.”


There are some truly unique pieces in the crystal bowl collection – made from smoky quartz, quartz, labradorite, kambaba jasper and fossilized wood.


"I can't recommend Penny enough. She is a master of knowledge and experience. I've not only had amazing crystal healings with and bought beautiful crystals, but I have also done a crystal healer course with her."

"I contacted Penny to purchase a beautiful Amethyst necklace as a gift for my wife. The service she provided was exceptional and she went above and beyond by travelling out of her way to deliver the necklace personally. I highly recommend Penny not just for service but for the top quality crystals she provides."

"Thank you for an amazing day working with the Archangel harmony tuning forks. It was such a beautiful and profoundly healing day in a lovely setting and wonderful people."

"Penny is such a caring, gentle soul but a wise one at that.  A gem of a find."

"She was so welcoming and caring, I didn't feel like I was on a course at all, more of a spiritual journey with a wonderful friend. For anyone choosing to pursue an interest in crystals or sound therapy, Penny is the one!" 

"I've experienced sound healing with Penny King and can honestly say I was blown away by the depth of relaxation and calmness I felt. I was sceptical I will admit but it was an amazing experience."

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