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I started with meditation which focused my mind allowing me to see my path more clearly, which in turn led me to crystal healing. I was really surprised by the effect this had on me and how much it helped me by releasing the old emotional and physical blockages, which had contributed to many of my life experiences, some good… some bad. 

Excited to explore the world of energy further, I began taking courses and learning as much as I could about healing, crystals and eventually sound. I remember the first time I experienced the deep vibrational energy of a tuning fork and I was hooked, knowing that this was now the next road in my journey. 


After a few years of study, I began merging my passion for healing with my role at the Cancer Centre, where I gave talks to cancer support groups and staff with regards relaxation techniques and the use of complementary therapy’s alongside conventional treatment using meditation, sound, crystals, Reiki and EFT. This was a wonderful experience in my life but I was being drawn towards helping a wider audience and made the hard but exciting decision after 28 years of working in the NHS to follow my path completely and set up Penny King Academy.

Hi, this is Penny and I would like to welcome you to my wonderful world of Crystals, Sound and Energy Healing. Crystals and Sound are an integral part of my everyday life.


From the moment I wake until my head hits the pillow at night, healing, teaching and the sourcing of crystals for sale at various events, for personal and course use, is now my life’s work.


I always had an interest in crystals and holistic therapies, although in the beginning, this was just an interest, my life completely changed in 2003, when I was diagnosed with ME. At the time, I was working for the NHS, undertaking a degree in Radiotherapy and raising 2 children. However, the diagnosis threw my life into turmoil and I had no choice but to cut back from doing what I loved, which was helping people and take a more administrative role. 


Following a few years of just surviving so to speak, I knew that it was now time for me to help me! It was time for me to find out who Penny really was outside of being a mother, a wife and my job!   And so my journey began… 


So, if you are looking to make changes in your life, you've had enough of just surviving and would like to enjoy and embrace life as I did, I would love to hear from you

Best wishes Penny x

What Penny's clients say about  her...


"I can't recommend Penny enough. She is a master of knowledge and experience. I've not only had amazing crystal healings with and bought beautiful crystals, but I have also done a crystal healer course with her."

"Thank you for an amazing day working with the Archangel harmony tuning forks. It was such a beautiful and profoundly healing day in a lovely setting and wonderful people."


"Penny is such a caring, gentle soul but a wise one at that.  A gem of a find."


"I contacted Penny to purchase a beautiful Amethyst necklace as a gift for my wife. The service she provided was exceptional and she went above and beyond by travelling out of her way to deliver the necklace personally. I highly recommend Penny not just for service but for the top quality crystals she provides."


"She was so welcoming and caring, I didn't feel like I was on a course at all, more of a spiritual journey with a wonderful friend. For anyone choosing to pursue an interest in crystals or sound therapy, Penny is the one!" 


"I've experienced sound healing with Penny King and can honestly say I was blown away by the depth of relaxation and calmness I felt. I was sceptical I will admit but it was an amazing experience."


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